Malibu Coast

Hand picked and meticulously maintained by the same team of professionals since conception, our grapes come from one of the most recognized and awarded vineyards in the region.

The unique location, geography and volcanic soil surrounding the estate has resulted in the sought after color, flavors and aromas found only in our wines. Grown at 2,000 feet with steep hillsides allows for exceptional drainage and sun exposure, in correlation with our Mediterranean microclimate results in perfect growing and ripening conditions. Because of new local government rules, our style of wine can never be replicated.


California’s Oldest Wine Region

The Malibu Coast soil conditions and climate are perfect for growing premium wine grapes. This wine collection represents an expanding selection of locally grown and locally produced wines.

Malibu Coast Wines are winning awards and gaining International recognition for their uniqueness and quality. We hope you enjoy drinking our wines and support our local Malibu Coast vintners.